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Syncoat Epoxy System

Syncoat is a 2 pack epoxy system with many advantages over other epoxy paints. Syncoat is manufactured for us by the biggest protective coatings manufacturer in Australasia.

Where necessary the surface will be diamond ground to remove contamination or provide an open surface for maximum adhesion of the product.

First application is a primer, this ensures positive penetration and proper bonding of the proceeding coats.

Pinholes and minor deviations are removed using a filler product. This ensures an attractive easy clean finish

Finally 2 coats of coloured Syncoat are applied with correct curing between coats to ensure a durable finish.

Antislip can be added to the primer coat if required.


  • Good chemical resistance to petrol, oil, acid, alkaline etc.
  • Durable finish - also used in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Will not peel with hot tyres etc.
  • Great appearance, uniform colour across whole floor - much better than old concrete.
  • Easy Clean. Easy to keep looking good for years to come.
  • Antislip - slip resistant for increased safety .
  • Great colour range - any colour from the BS5252 range.
  • Process only takes 2 days.
  • Good light reflection with glare reduction.
  • Superior product combined with professional application.
  • 3 year guarantee.

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