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Since the mid 1980's there has been a rise in popularity of Decorative Concrete. Unlike pavers, Decorative Concrete offers a greater range of designs, as well as all the functionality of a regular concrete slab. i.e. pavers can sink and grass and weeds grow up between them.

What I began to notice was that many people were not aware of the maintenance required for their Decorative Concrete. And that those who did know, did not know where to turn for the service. It is recommended that the Concrete be Resealed every 2-3 years. Now this is not as major as it may sound. When the imprinted concrete is laid, a coloured oxide is sprinkled onto the wet concrete, then when dry, the concrete is Sealed with either a water based or solvent based concrete sealer (the area must be resealed using the same type of sealer used originally). Over 2-4 years this sealer deteriorates due to weather and traffic, when this happens the oxide is exposed and is quickly worn away leaving bare concrete.

How can I tell if it needs to be Resealed? - If there is a noticeable difference in colour between a covered and an uncovered area. -You can notice some areas have a shine to them while others are quite dull. - Bare concrete is visible in patches. Early resealing avoids the added costs of Re-staining the concrete, and restores it back to it's original gloss finish.


Also see Creteshield for our penetrating sealer for plain concrete

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