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Concrete resurfacing of floors in Retail, Commercial and Residential situations - Auckland and beyond - Creating unique floor finishes.

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Floor Masters are really the leaders in concrete resurfacing. For over 10 years we have been transforming the concrete in retail stores, reception areas, entrances, on stairs, ramps, courtyards, pool areas and so many other locations.

Of all the services we offer, concrete resurfacing makes the most difference.  I love seeing the smile and joy that comes across our clients face when they see what we are doing for them.  even when we are puting down the first layer, they are saying wow that looks great, and it's no where near the final look.  A lot of our other services are "standard", but our resurfacing has a character all of it's own.

To see an area you may have looked at for years, transformed in a stunning and dramatic way brings a sense of "we have finally done it".  You owe it to yourself to have that experience.

We have 3 main resurfacing systems

1 -Cretecova is a trowel finished flooring. A special blend of Cement, Polymer and fine aggregate fuse together to make an extremely hard surface. The product is manufactured and imported in various colours which can be blended together to create an unlimited range of colours and tones. The Product is coloured right through and is not effected by UV rays. Please note we import our products because they are the best, this means you can trust them to last.

Cretecova resurfacing over a tiled floor Retail store floor auckland cretecova resurfacing Compass design on Cretecova resurfacing Entrace to pub - Cretecova resurfacing Tile and timber effect in Cretecova - as seen on TV

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1a-Single Skim Cretecova is available for those on a tighter budget. This does not have the same finish as the full Cretecova system. The surface is more open, with only slight texture variations. But this is a great way to colour a floor without it looking like it has been painted. The finish can resemble the texture of raw sandstone. All our work is sealed.

2 -Levelcova is a German engineered polymer cement product. The additives increase the self levelling qualities of the product. While towelled Cretecova has texture, Levelcova has a smooth flat finish. Higher gloss is attainable with this closed surface. If a Super high gloss is required mention this at quotation time for different sealer options. * In situations where the area to be resurfaced with self level has little air flow, the job may take 3 days. We can complete up to 300SqM in 2-3 days. (depending on layout).

Dining room at resturant Floor in bottle shop - levelcova Levelcova floor on Rakino

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3- Spraycova uses the same base product as Cretecova, but is applied with a texture sprayer.  The result is a stippled (bumpy) surface that offer good slip resistance.  Spraycova is more ecconomical for larger outdoor areas like driveways, patios, pool areas and more.

bushrock stencil in Spraycova resurfacing nz before and after Spraycova resurfacing auckland nzTaped pattern in spraycova with black border Bushrock border in Spraycova resurfacing Auckland New Zealand

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This will add value to your home. Your excited, but what will it cost you ask? Well you can breathe easy because I have good news for you. Cretecova can be considerably cheaper than tiling. In fact to have your rooms Cretecova'd can be less than you would pay a tiler to tile those rooms (plus you have the cost of the tiles over and above that).

Rough price guide (prices have been the same since 2002)

Cretecova is laid - completed - *Cretecova from $75 sq./M , *Levelcova from$95/SqM, *Skimcova from $60/SqM (larger areas may attract better prices). (minimum cost may be applied to small jobs). Some jobs differ due to preparation required, but you have freedom of choice concerning colour, texture and pattern. Don't delay, give your shop or house a facelift. * Prices are a guide only and subject to change without notification or adjustment on this site.

To measure an area divide into rectangles i.e. a room 9 M x 6 M = 56 SqM. After you have done a quick measure rush back here and fill in the form for a quote. If you can't wait for me to answer the e-mail, call me on the cell phone 021 426 627 or our office 0800 733 566.

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